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Broken Lock @New Life Rock Bar

11. nov ob 21:00

Broken Lock igra v New Life Rock Baru, via Caduti sul Lavoro 5, 34100 Trieste, Italy.

Broken Lock formed in 1995. Four years later the first LP Ater (lat. ater - 'dirty black, gray') was released followed by excellent reviews and a reward by RTVSlovenia (National Radio-TV station). Second LP Endemic followed in 2002 when Broken Lock released the video for the song 'Alloy' holding 1st place on the national video chart for two weeks. After a hiatus of seven years, in 2009 Broken Lock released the third LP Want to exit this ergastulum? (lat. ergastulum - forced labour camp) at the ZARS Radio Student Label. In november 2015 Broken Lock released their fourth LP Unicorns we all chase, at the ZARS label.

Broken Lock experiment with different musical styles and try to find interesting and unusual combinations of rhythms, melodies and styles. From the stoner, hardcore and math basis, up to some jazz core, they combine the distorsion with the ambiental passages full of reverbed and delayed sounds. It would be best to label them as an unusual and unique mixure of styles within progressive hardcore.








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