S čim se treutno ukvarja MC BIT? Kaj je MC BIT? Odgovore na vsa ta vprašanja lahko najdete v prispevku, ki ga je pripravila Milena Lazarevič.


MC Bit ima trenutno odprta dva projekta za EVS v Italiji, in sicer:

  • Mladinski center BIT v sklopu Erasmus+ projekta #EVS#volunteer#makeadifference#bethechange#upgradeyourself#thinkoutofthebox razpisuje prosto mesto za opravljanje Evropske prostovoljske službe EVS v Italiji (Vicenza – Porto Burci); projekt se začne 1. julija in traja 12 mesecev (http://mc-bit.si/2019/02/04/vicenzna-italija-razpis-za-prosto-mesto-na-evropski-prostovoljski-sluzbi-evs/?fbclid=IwAR1gN7QYq0DhhPH6GpzZsQQ3NVwNBnFvZkBWlIt7eXhSLh9Tlap7qfNu8V8),
  • Mladinski center BIT v sklopu Erasmus+ projekta #EVS#volunteer#makeadifference#bethechange#upgradeyourself#thinkoutofthebox razpisuje prosti mesti za opravljanje Evropske prostovoljske službe EVS v Italiji (Poggiardo – JumpIN). Začetek projekta je 1. maj, trajanje projekta je od 6 do 12 mesecev (http://mc-bit.si/2019/02/05/poggiardo-italija-razpis-za-prosti-mesti-na-evropski-prostovoljski-sluzbi-evs/).

V nadaljevanju vas vabim, da si preberete EVS izkušnjo, ki jo je zapisala Alexandra:

“So, my story begins back in 2016 when I was here in Črnomelj with a youth exchange. Then I met 6 EVS volunteers and I think that this thing changed my life. I just fell in love with this country and this city, and I promised to myself that I will come back, but I didn’t know how or when. This year I graduated highschool so I though that now it’s the best time to go on an EVS because after this 12 years of school, I needed some time for myself, for my personal development and also to start gaining some life experience, this is why I think that EVS is the best opportunity because is giving you the chance to live abroad, all by yourself and also helps to get out from your comfort zone. After my final exam, I started to look after an EVS program, but I didn’t though that I will be lucky enough to find one in such a short period of time and also I wanted to share this experience with my best friend, so the chances were even worse. When my sending organization told me that they did find something for us, I was very excited especially about the fact that I will do my EVS here. On the first of September, I started my 6 months journey and by now, one month already passed and I really don’t know when. In the first week here, we were already feeling like home because everyone was so friendly and so happy to introduce us in to the new environment. We started to learn what we have to do here, and also got comfortable with the whole place. After two weeks, we had to go on our arrival training which was an amazing experience because we had the opportunity to meet other EVS volunteers from Slovenia and spend one great week with them and of course with the trainers. When we got back we had our first big group that was staying in the hostel so we just started to do our work. Until now, this month was full of excitement, adventure and also full of joy and I look forward to see what the next 5 months will bring in my way.

Alexandra Alexandru”

Kot vidite, vam lahko izmenjava prinese številne pozitivne izkušnje. Če vas je mnenje Alexandre prepričalo, se hitro prijavite na naš razpis.

Do naslednjega tedna,

Uredništvo Zvitice